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Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

One of the most common questions I hear from someone who is just learning about Children’s Hunger Fund is “how is CHF different than a food bank?” It’s a reasonable question to ask because we do give a lot of food away every year. This past year, the food that we distributed through our global Food Pak program and other means provided the basis for over 140 million meals!

Local food banks provide charities with food for the purpose of feeding the poor in local communities. Children’s Hunger Fund’s mission goes beyond a desire to provide food to poor children and families. We intentionally select gospel-centered churches and equip them with the training and resources needed to not just deliver food to suffering children and families but to deliver the hope of the gospel!

Poverty robs children of all hope. Local churches—using the relational approach of the home delivery of food—are effectively restoring hope in the lives of children and families through the power of the gospel.

In this issue of Frontlines, we will be highlighting some of the ways that CHF is delivering more than just food to those we serve. I hope these articles will encourage you and remind you of the difference that you are making in the lives of children locally, nationally, and around the world.

The summer months are some of the most challenging for CHF, as many children living below the poverty line have limited access to the food and other resources that they so desperately need. This creates a greater demand and dependency on the Food Paks being provided by CHF. We are grateful for any amount of support that you can provide to help us deliver hope to children in the weeks ahead.

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