Project Coin Pak - Children's Hunger Fund

Project Coin Pak

With Project Coin Pak, your school, group, or family can help kids in need.

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About Project Coin Pak

Kids can fill their Coin Paks with real coins or printable coin tokens. When the Coin Pak is filled, tally the coins and make your donation.

STEP 1 Collect coins in your Coin Pak.

STEP 2 Collect and count those coins. Remember, every 25¢ collected can provide a meal for a child in need.

STEP 3 Make your donation on this page and celebrate! Your change is making a change. We are grateful for your faithful partnership.

Thank you.

Ways to Earn Coins

Kids can earn coins for completing chores or other activities around the house. You choose what is appropriate for your family.

  • Recycle
  • Do chores around the house
  • Walk a dog
  • Collect leftover change
  • Sell lemonade, hot chocolate, or baked goods
  • Wash the cars of family and friends
  • Garden, rake leaves, or shovel snow
  • Help to cook meals
  • Sell unwanted video games to a local game store
  • House or dog sit for a neighbor
  • Babysit

Be creative – the possibilities are endless!
And kids, be sure to get your parents’ permission and ask for help when you need it!

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