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What is a Meal Pak?

A Meal Pak is a nutritious, lentil casserole kit that will be included in Food Paks and distributed to our international Mercy Networks for home delivery. Ingredients in the Meal Pak include red lentils, dehydrated Potatoes, mixed dehydrated vegetables, and salt for seasoning. Each Meal Pak can provide a family with nine high-protein meals.

Here’s how you can provide Meal Paks

Ingredients are measured, bagged, and sealed in the Wentz Volunteer Center – a clean and sanitized packing room located at CHF’s Distribution Center in Sylmar, CA.
Meal Paks may be packed at one of two volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer Events
Meal Paks are assembled during volunteer events at our Sylmar Distribution Center, along with activities such as bagging bulk food, building Food Paks, and sorting donated goods.

Click here to sign up for a volunteer event.

Poverty Encounter Tours
Following every Poverty Encounter tour, guests have the opportunity to participate in a short volunteer project. Assembling Meal Paks is one of the projects included in the food packing opportunity.

Visit our Poverty Encounter site to book a tour.

Please note: Packing opportunities vary.
Volunteers and tour guests will not know which projects will be available prior to arriving.

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