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Choosing Between Food and Medicine

November 17, 2023

God sends many good people who take care of us Lev Kovalyov is nine years old and lives in the city of Berezovka in western Belarus with his parents and…

Meet the Staff: Savannah Nix

November 15, 2023

Senior Executive Assistant, Office of the President I really love what I get to do each day. And because I'm working for something so much bigger than myself, it makes…

Delivering Hope in Lebanon

November 13, 2023

With the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Syria to the east, and Israel to the south, the narrow country of Lebanon is the fifth smallest country in the Middle East.…

The Faithfulness of a Pastor

October 20, 2023

From Elsy’s home, it takes about thirty minutes to walk to school. The walk is not too far, and the children in her neighborhood have no problem doing it. Unfortunately,…

Five Pastors Who are Making a Difference

October 20, 2023

The church was divinely established as God’s representative of the gospel to the world. The pastors leading the churches in CHF’s Mercy Networks around the world have stepped out in…

10 Interesting Facts about Honduras

October 9, 2023

Did you know? Nestled between Guatemala and Nicaragua, with El Salvador to the west, Honduras is the second largest country in Central America. It has coastlines on both the Caribbean…

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