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Join us in prayer for the ministry of Children's Hunger Fund in the United States and around the world.

November 2022 Update

United States

  • Please pray for the twelve new Mercy Network churches added from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas as they begin to minister to those suffering in their communities with food and the hope of the gospel.
  • Please pray for churches across the US who have mobilized their congregations to participate in Project Food Pak and provide local pastors with the tools to reach families in need. There are several churches participating in large packing events in the coming months in Illinois, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida, California, and Texas.


  • Please pray for the eight churches in our new Mercy Network in northern Myanmar. Travel in this part of the country is somewhat restricted, so pray that God would open opportunities for ministry to move forward in this region.
  • Please pray over the construction on our Mercy Center on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. Completion has been delayed due to Typhoon Rai (known as Super Typhoon Odette in the Philippines) that swept through the country last December.
  • Please pray over the launch of our second Mercy Network in Thailand. While our current Mercy Network in Chiang Mai serves the northern area of Thailand, churches in this second Mercy Network will be made up of churches in the eastern region of Thailand. Please pray as these churches are receiving training and funding to begin serving families in need.


  • Please pray for our ministry in Albania.
    • Our team recently trained several churches in Tirana, the capital of Albania. Please pray for these churches as they will make up our second Mercy Network in Albania.
    • Please pray over the development of our Mercy Center in Korce, Albania. This will be our second Mercy Center in Albania.
  • Please continue to pray for our partners in Ukraine, who remain steadfast in their efforts to minister to those displaced from their homes throughout the country. Please pray also for our potential new partners in Poland, who have made a significant impact in our ministry with Ukrainian refugees.


  • Please pray for safety over our partners in Ethiopia, who strive to continue serving their communities in the midst of a civil war in Tigray. Pray for peace throughout northern Ethiopia and safety for those impacted by the war.
  • Pray for our partners in Rwanda:
    • A recent drought and famine has left many in the community without work, food, and stable living conditions. Please pray that our ministry partners would be able to care for the people in their community.
    • Pray for our partners serving in Gasobo, Kigali. Historically, this district is where many of the genocides were committed.
  • Please pray for the ministry in Uganda:
    • Pray for our partners who are delivering emergency relief to families experiencing extreme famine in the Karmoja region. Funding was sent earlier this year to provide food for 1,000 families.
    • Pray for the completion of the Mercy Center in North Kawempe. Due to the skyrocketing price of concrete, construction has come to a halt on the final step in the project.
  • Our partners in Zambia have asked for prayer for wisdom to meet the needs of the lost while also helping those within their church community who are going without food. Please pray for their evangelism team as they seek to address spiritual as well as physical needs.

Latin America

  • Cost of living has increased dramatically. Please pray that our church partners would still be able to serve the same number of people without a dramatic increase in price.
  • Many of our church partners are bi-vocational, as pastoral work often does not grant them adequate income to meet their own families’ needs. Please pray with us that God would grant them the energy and stamina to perform both roles well.


  • We are grateful to have the opportunity for our team to travel once again! These trips to visit our international partners are a wonderful opportunity to provide training in relational mercy ministry to more people so that our partners can expand their reach into new regions. It is also a time to evaluate and encourage them in their ministry to children and families in need.
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