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Why is Charitable Giving Important?

One of the questions I get regularly starts something like, “I’m just a… college student… high schooler… teacher with student debts… how should I think about giving?” This question is similar for those who are elderly, those who are facing some sort of personal financial strain, those who are wealthy with a California mortgage, or those who are comfortably middle class.

One thing that has always been true about God’s people is that God commends those who give generously, regardless of their circumstances. Remember Jesus sitting at the temple in Mark 12 watching the givers? The wealthy and the poor widow both gave, but the widow was commended for her generosity.

How should we think about our own giving? I don’t have a formula or a clear target percentage for you, but Scripture does speak to the motives and purposes of our giving.

Giving is expected of God’s people. The Old Testament consistently reports that God’s people dedicated gifts and tithes to Him. The annual festivals, harvests, and even the births of children were celebrated with offerings to the service of the Lord. Within the Gospels, Jesus recognized the gifts of people at the temple and clarified that the heart motivation behind the giving is vitally important. (Lev. 22, 2 Cor. 9:7)

Giving demonstrates our dependence on God as both a reflection of stewardship and an act of worship. Everything that any believer has belongs to God. He has entrusted His people with possessions so that they might honor Him. Whether in large or small amounts, the believer who gives with thankfulness (Psalm 50) demonstrates the greatness of God by declaring His care and provision. (Matt. 6:19-21) How you handle your money will reveal where your treasure is.

Giving provides for the work of the church and the care of those in need. The benevolence of God’s people has been expected to supply for the needs of the church as well as the foreigners, widows, and those impacted by poverty. Giving forces our eyes off our own needs to see God provide through us to others. (Deut. 26:12, 1 Tim. 6:17-19, James 1:27)

The simple act of regular giving can bring remembrance of God’s provision—spiritual and physical. The generous stewardship of what He has provided truly brings joy as we worship Him through cheerful giving. 

Please know, there is great joy in giving God’s money back to His work. You won’t regret giving well!

~Dr. Lisa LaGeorge serves at Children’s Hunger Fund as Director, CHF Academy, which exists to develop, assess, and build culture with the goal to enable staff to successfully embrace and promote the mission, distinctives, and values of CHF.



Opportunities for giving with Children’s Hunger Fund

  1. Give – When you give to Children’s Hunger Fund, every dollar can provide four meals for a child in need. Those meals are packed into Food Paks and delivered by trained pastors and volunteers directly to the homes of children in need across the US and around the world.
  2. Giving Catalog – Children’s Hunger Fund uses each gift in the Giving Catalog to provide individualized care to hungry children and their families. The impact of your gifts goes beyond providing food; your gifts can provide hope and a future.
  3. Project Food Pak – You can deliver hope to children in need from anywhere in the US! Click the link to order Food Paks and fill them with the shopping list provided. Food Paks will be delivered directly to a child in need in the US by a trained pastor or volunteer.
  4. Project Coin Pak – Ideal for families, Sunday School, VBS, and youth groups, Project Coin Pak is an opportunity for kids to help kids! CHF provides Coin Pak boxes, your kids collect coins for their Coin Paks. Every 25₵ can provide a meal for a child in need.
  5. Volunteer – Give your time to help pack Food Paks, bag bulk food, fill Meal Paks, and more! Volunteers of all ages are welcome. Volunteer opportunities are available in any of our three Distribution Centers in Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Antonio.
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