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Seeking Hope despite Poverty, Disease, and Death


In the village of Buhera in eastern Zimbabwe, even basic resources like water are scarce. Subsistence farming provides a meager supply of food for families to live on, but unpredictable rains and neglected irrigation systems mean that even this resource is unstable.



Arani Chuma lives in Buhera with her husband, her father, and her five children, with one more on the way. In addition to the struggle with unemployment, food insecurity, and the inability to pay for school fees and uniforms, several members of the family—including Arani and some of the children—are sick with HIV/AIDS.



In another part of Buhera, Tanya Mugabe went from being a single woman to being a wife and a mother of four instantly. Her husband used to work on people’s farms in order to get enough food to eat. After the death of his first wife, life became much harder for them. Though Tanya is able to help look after her new step-children, their problems didn’t end. She still had six mouths to feed, school fees to pay, and no employment to make that possible.

Two mothers: faced with the seemingly impossible task of providing their children with basic human needs. But thanks to generous donors like you and faithful church partners, God was able to make the impossible possible.

Church volunteers from Vhiriri Baptist Union met both mothers at community events in the village and began to visit them with food. Beyond the gift of regular deliveries of food, both families have received the blessing of the gospel. Despite the hour-long walk from the village, they have become regular attenders at church services.

Arani sings in the church choir. Her husband and father also attend services and her children are learning memory verses. Tanya and her husband have also made professions of faith. With assistance from the church, they have even managed to acquire their own field, which allows them to grow additional food to eat.

Because of your generosity, hope is being shared and lives are being changed. Our ministry partners in Zimbabwe shared that seven families are on the verge of graduating from the Food Pak program. Two new churches are also looking to receive training and begin delivering food and the gospel to their communities. With expectant faith, we look forward to the many ways the ministry is growing, both in Zimbabwe and around the world.


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