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Responding to Disaster with Hope

The global pandemic was just one of several major disasters Children’s Hunger Fund responded to in 2020.

Unusually heavy rains in the eastern part of Africa caused Lake Victoria to overflow its banks. Flooding in the southeastern part of Uganda destroyed lakeside marketplaces and displaced thousands from their homes. In the community of Katoogo—just a short distance from Lake Victoria—Patience lost her restaurant to the rising waters. Her home also experienced severe flood damage, along with most of her family’s belongings.

With the help of emergency relief, our in-country partner Africa Renewal Ministries has been able to help relocate families—like Patience and her children—and provide food and other essential resources.

In Europe, an emergency relief grant was given to provide food and resources to victims of the bombing in Lebanon in August. Local churches in the area have used the funding to purchase food and medicine for families in need.

Students in San Antonio brought hope to victims of Hurricane Laura by packing toys and other resources.

This year also brought what could be the most severe Atlantic hurricane season on record. CHF established distribution hubs in the Houston area to aid in disaster relief with food, diapers, and toilet paper following Hurricane Laura in August. In San Antonio, the students at Concordia Lutheran School donated food, hygiene products, and toys and packed them into over 340 Gift Paks for children affected by Hurricane Laura. Each box contained a personal note from the student who packed it.

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