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Delivering Hope in Tajikistan

Nestled in the heart of Central Asia, the country of Tajikistan is home to some of the highest mountains in the world. In fact, over 90% of Tajikistan is covered in mountains, and much of it is uninhabitable. For the adventurous traveler and thrill-seeker, the Pamir Highway is an epic road trip through the country of Tajikistan and is recognized as the second highest international highway in the world.

Formerly under Russian and then Soviet rule, Tajikistan gained its independence in 1991. Since then, poor infrastructure and civil war has left Tajikistan one of the poorest countries in the former Soviet Union.

Over seventy percent of the population of Tajikistan lives in rural communities and make their living from farming. While Tajikistan’s economy relies heavily on agriculture, most farmers still suffer from food insecurity and extreme poverty.

For those who live in urban cities, employment opportunities are not much better. Due to a lack of jobs and poor earning potential, millions of Tajiks become migrant workers in neighboring countries—primarily Russia—and send remittances back to family in Tajikistan.

In early 2021, Children’s Hunger Fund began an official partnership with a network of six churches. These churches have received training in relational mercy ministry and have begun serving their communities through the home delivery of food. In addition, pastors and volunteers provide school supplies, fuel and firewood during the harsh cold season, medical care for children and teens, and various other programs to help low-income families.

These faithful pastors and volunteers have answered the call to preach the gospel to the remote and mountainous regions of Tajikistan. There are about 400,000 people living in the Pamir mountains, an area that covers about half of the country. The population of this region consists of devout Muslims who are unreached by the gospel. Because of God’s grace and the generosity of our donors, the ministry of Children’s Hunger Fund has been blessed with the opportunity to expand, and we look forward to sharing more about how God is using His people to share the good news of Christ with the people of Tajikistan.

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