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From Desperation to Hope

Faced with a collapsed business, school fees, and the threat of eviction, widow and mother Sarah Mbugua turned to the church in desperation.

Sarah had little connection with the local church prior to this. A few years earlier, her husband was alive, they had a business and regular income, and her boys were enrolled in school.

Thankfully for Sarah, the church she petitioned for help was Emmanuel Baptist Church in Nairobi, a church partner with Children’s Hunger Fund. Richard Kariuki from Emmanuel Baptist Church is the coordinator for the eleven church partners that make up the Mercy Network in Kenya. Kariuki began to visit Sarah’s home with monthly deliveries of food.

“The Food Paks have been of great help,” Kariuki shared when asked about the Food Pak ministry at his church, “especially in helping those among us that are struggling to have regular meals. We have so many people in need. They put so much energy into daily living that they don’t have room to allow the gospel to redefine their priorities.”

With the burden of providing food for her family lifted, Sarah has been able to direct her limited income to other necessities such as rent, school fees, and medication to deal with her health issues. More importantly, she was able to start attending church services with her two younger sons on a regular basis. Sarah recently made a profession of faith and is considering membership at the church.

Her son, Chalo, is eleven and has discovered a love of the piano from attending church with his mother. He loves the songs they sing and has been staying after the service to use the piano, as he does not have one at home. He is hopeful that someday he can get piano lessons and improve his skills.

Though Sarah’s older two boys have not started attending church services, her eldest son, Martin, did open up with church volunteers about some of his personal struggles. Following a mental breakdown a few years ago, Martin dropped out of school and has yet to return to classes or attempt to find work. Members of the church have shared the gospel with him and pray for him to find work and direction.

Sarah’s relationship with her eldest son has grown closer since the church began visiting them and ministering to the family. She is grateful for the love and support that has been extended to her by the church.

“I have learned to trust in God,” Sarah shared. “My faith has grown, and I have seen the love of God through the various people I have interacted with at church.”

We are grateful for church partners like Richard Kariuki and Emmanuel Baptist Church who are making themselves known in their communities as a place to find help and hope. Support from friends and donors like you make their ministries possible.

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