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Five Pastors Who are Making a Difference

The church was divinely established as God’s representative of the gospel to the world. The pastors leading the churches in CHF’s Mercy Networks around the world have stepped out in faith to be obedience to God’s calling to serve the “least of these” (Matthew 25: 40). Here are just five of the amazing pastor we work with who are making a difference.

1. Pastor Kakooza – Uganda

During the pandemic, every one of CHF’s 700 international Mercy Network pastors received a financial gift. For many of them, it was the first time they had received a gift—ever.

When Pastor Kakooza of Wattuba Christian Fellowship Church in Uganda received his gift, he knew just what to do with it. He started a brick business. He knew that—even with businesses shutting down during the pandemic—people will always need bricks.

In addition to selling bricks to be able to provide food for his family, Pastor Kakooza was able to provide employment for a few people within his community. He was also able to use some of the bricks he made to expand his church building.

During a time of great need, Pastor Kakooza was able to see how a simple brick business could benefit not only his own family but be a blessing to people in his community, as well.


2. Pastor Henry – El Salvador

In the city of Usulutan, El Salvador, sits a modest-looking building, but the inside tells a different story. This is the home of Pastor Henry. It’s also where his church congregation meets. Oh, and it’s also where he teaches the local youth about construction, mechanics, and welding, using his own home and his own vehicles for them to practice.

In addition, five days a week, Pastor Henry picks up a few local teachers and drives them over an hour to a remote village so the children there can receive an education.

While he is there, Henry spends time ministering to the struggling families in this village, bringing them Food Paks and sharing the hope of the gospel.

You can hear more about Pastor Henry’s story in the video below.

 3. Pastor Curtis – Zambia

In Kabanana, a community of poor neighborhoods within Zambia’s capital city of Lusaka, there are a lot of orphans and single mothers. Without a school nearby, many of these children would have to walk very long distances or simply not go to school. Pastor Curtis and his church decided to build a school and feeding center to serve the children in Kabanana.

In addition to wanting a place for the children to learn, Pastor Curtis insisted on building a second story to the school building so that the children would be able to look out above and beyond the slum communities where they lived. He wanted them to see that there was hope beyond the slums.

4. Pastor Beni – Romania

During the early days of Ukraine’s war with Russia, Pastor Beni from Slatina, Romania, reached out to his contacts in Ukraine. With the help of an emergency relief grant from Children’s Hunger Fund, Beni and friends from his community purchased several truckloads of food and other resources. As thousands of Ukrainians fled their homeland into Romania and neighboring countries, Beni was driving truckloads of food INTO Ukraine.

As the war progressed, Beni made several more trips across the border, willingly placing himself in danger to bring resources to those in need in Ukraine. Thanks to Beni’s selflessness, local churches in Ukraine were able to minister to families fleeing to safety. These churches were able to not only care for the physical needs of the refugees passing through their town but their spiritual needs, as well.

5. Pastor Addisu – Ethiopia

In the town of Bishoflu, Ethiopia, Pastor Edisu and his church community work hard to break down barriers between people of different religious groups. Pastor Edisu has been able to use the Food Pak ministry to interact with families from a variety of backgrounds.

Education has been one of Pastor Edisu’s biggest priorities in serving the children in his community. In an area where education is often the first thing to go when money is tight, Pastor Edisu takes great care to make sure that every child is able to enroll in school and get an education, just like his own children.

You can hear more about Pastor Edisu’s story by watching this video.

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