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It’s Pastor Appreciation Month!
This Pastor Appreciation Month we are celebrating pastors across our Mercy Networks!

Once considered one of the most dangerous countries in Central America, El Salvador continues to suffer from widespread poverty. In rural communities, there is little access to job training or other education that would allow families to improve their circumstances. However, through the Mercy Network, there are 45 churches across the country, there are faithful pastors preaching the gospel and sharing the hope of Christ with the most vulnerable people.

With all the hardships they face in ministry, pastors in El Salvador and around the world continue to serve with joy in the Lord and gratefulness. However, we know the work is hard and often goes without thanks.

Here's How:
  1. Check out this video from our Ministry Development team to learn more about Pastor Henry in El Salvador.
  2. Record a video or write a note of encouragement for pastors in El Salvador. We will be collecting these responses and sending them to our partners! You have no idea how much a message from you can encourage a weary pastor.
  3. Please also join us in prayer for these men, their families, and the rest of the pastors in our Mercy Networks. Your prayers mean more than anything else!
Send a note!
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