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A New Way You Can Deliver Hope

Just one glance at Sofia’s face and you know exactly what receiving a Food Pak means to her. Her family had received Food Paks before, but this visit was different. This time, the pastor brought out several Food Paks. He passed them out to Sofia’s siblings and then gave one to her—it was the perfect size for her to carry! We are excited to announce a change to our Food Pak outreach that will ensure that the children we serve know that God sees them and loves them.

Instead of delivering one Food Pak to a parent to feed the whole family, a child-sized Food Pak will be handed to every child in the home. While the Food Paks will still include food to prepare nutritious meals for the whole family, they will also include ready-to-eat snacks that kids will love. Another exciting feature of Project Food Pak is that you can participate from anywhere in the country!

So, how does it work?

    1. Order Your Food Paks
      • You can participate in Project Food Pak as an individual, as a family, or with a group. Place your order at The only cost to you will be the shipping and the food you purchase to fill the boxes.
    2. Fill the Food Paks
      • Using the shopping list provided with your Food Paks, purchase items and fill your boxes.
    3. Return the Food Paks
      • Pack the filled Food Paks back into the Case Pak you originally received them in and attach the return label provided over the existing label. Deliver the Case Pak to any UPS center.

Once the Food Paks are returned to a CHF Distribution Center, they will be distributed to local churches, where trained pastors and volunteers will deliver them to families in need in their communities. In addition to providing the food to families in need, you are providing an opportunity for the church to build relationships and share the eternal hope of the gospel. We invite you to help deliver hope to children in need. Will you join us?

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