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8 Reasons to Visit Poverty Encounter

If you haven’t experienced a Poverty Encounter tour, what are you waiting for? If you’re not sure what it is or are on the fence about taking a tour, here are a few reasons to visit Poverty Encounter.

  1. Experience the realities of global poverty
    If you only had $1.90 to spend, would you buy food, first aid, or school supplies? For families living in extreme poverty, this is a daily decision. At Poverty Encounter, you will experience what life is like for children living in these conditions. Where do they sleep? How do they earn money? What brings them hope?
  1. Cultivate empathy and gratitude
    If you’ve never witnessed extreme poverty, it can be easy to forget that it impacts over 356 million children around the world. A visit to Poverty Encounter allows you to step into the lives of children living in poverty and experience their world, witness their struggles, and hear their hopes and dreams. Many of the students who have come through Poverty Encounter have shared that they never knew that people actually lived in such extreme conditions and they are more thankful for what they have.
  1. Opportunity to serve
    Learning about the realities of poverty is just the first step; what you choose to do with that knowledge is what makes a difference. Every in-person Poverty Encounter tour includes an opportunity to make a tangible impact. After your tour, you’ll spend time preparing food that will be shipped to children and families in need around the world.
  1. Prepare for a mission trip
    If you are planning to take part in a short-term mission, it’s important to prepare yourself for what you may experience on your trip. It’s one thing to read about the conditions in another country, but it’s very different to experience it first-hand. Poverty Encounter offers a great introduction to different situations you may face on your trip.
  1. Appropriate for all ages
    Whether you are an adult, a preschooler, or anywhere in-between, Poverty Encounter was created for you. The stories you will hear are not scary, but they are powerful.
  1. Poverty Encounter is award-winning!
    In 2019, the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) awarded Poverty Encounter the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement in the category of Connected Immersion. TEA is an international non-profit membership association for the creators of compelling visitor attractions and exhibits around the globe.
  1. You can visit from anywhere
    Poverty Encounter can be experienced wherever you are! If you have a computer and access to the internet, you can experience an online tour of Poverty Encounter with a live moderator. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, we invite you to experience an in-person tour of Poverty Encounter.
  1. You will leave encouraged!
    Poverty Encounter will do more than introduce you to children living in poverty. Throughout the tour, you will see how local churches have stepped up to bring hope into seemingly hopeless situations. You will see how you can make a difference in the lives of children living in poverty and how local churches are doing that right now through your support.


Visit the Poverty Encounter website for more information and to get tickets. School field trips and other groups are welcome.

Poverty Encounter is an initiative of Children’s Hunger Fund.

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