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A Lifetime of Hope in Mongolia

We hope the story below empowers you to reconsider the impact you can make.

Sarantuyaa is nine years old and helps her mother by taking care of her brother, Batu. They live in a ger, which is a round, portable tent constructed with wooden lattice and poles covered with several layers of felt, leather, and canvas. The ger is a practical dwelling for the nomadic population of rural Mongolia.

But Sarantuyaa doesn’t live in rural Mongolia. Her family lives in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia—along with half the population of the country. And the brother Sarantuyaa helps take care of? He is twenty-six. As a result of injuries their mother sustained while pregnant with him, Batu was born with a disability. When she is able to find someone to watch Batu, Sarantuyaa’s mother will take on cleaning jobs to earn a small wage. The government also provides her with a small sum of money to help her care for her son. Though their needs are simple, this income is often not enough to provide them with their most basic of needs: food.

Ravdandash Raash is the pastor of a recently planted church in Ulaanbaatar and one of six churches in the Mongolia Mercy Network that was established last October. He has been visiting Sarantuyaa’s family for the last few months. The Food Paks he delivers are enough to cover their monthly groceries, allowing them to use their small income to purchase medicine for Batu. Sarantuyaa has been attending church services regularly. Because Batu does not handle crowds well, their mother is only able to attend when she has someone to watch him. Because Food Paks are delivered right to their home, the family feels the love and community of the church even when they cannot attend service.

Pastor Raash can see the impact that the church has had on the family. Sarantuyaa has a servant’s heart and is always looking for ways she can help. Batu, who gets unruly when he sees groups of people, becomes joyful when Pastor Raash comes to visit. Sarantuyaa is happy to see the way her mother is impacted by visits from the church. “I like to have people in my home,” shared the nine-year-old. “I like to be with people. My mother doesn’t have any friends, and I’m happy when my mother talks to someone and shares her feelings.”

In addition to sharing her feelings, Sarantuyaa’s mother uses the home visits as an opportunity to ask questions about the sermons she’s heard. For the first time in many years, she finally feels seen and loved, thanks to the ministry of one local church. Just as Sarantuyaa sees joy despite her circumstances, we know there is hope to be found even in the midst of poverty. Local pastors just like Pastor Raash continue to knock on doors in their communities, constantly seeking more families in need. Your support can make such a difference.

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