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Let's Learn Together

There are 698 million people living in poverty around the world. We want to invite you to hear a few of their stories.

Let’s learn about global poverty together.

Kids have the power to make a huge impact for children living in poverty, but it can be hard to inspire them to have compassion for children who live thousands of miles away. That’s why we brought together a few resources to help you equip the children in your lives (and yourselves) to have compassion for those living in poverty and to be empowered to make a difference!

Meet Bruno

In this video series, you will hear from a few tour facilitators from our Poverty Encounter experience as they walk you and your family through the Guatemala exhibit, introduce you to a child named Bruno—whose family lives in a dump in Guatemala City—and teach you a few key facts about global poverty.

Download this kid’s activity sheet to use with the next video!

Hope for karamoja

Dive deeper into the causes of poverty in this blog post! Learn about an ongoing famine in the Karamoja region of Uganda and how the church is bringing hope and help to those who are suffering.


You have learned a lot—what’s next? Here’s a few ways you and your family
can get involved and help deliver hope to suffering children.

  • Are you in Los Angeles, CA; Frisco, TX; or San Antonio, TX? Come and volunteer in-person at one of our Distribution Centers. Bring your family, roll up your sleeves, and deliver hope. Sign up here.
  • Not local or prefer to volunteer at home? You can deliver hope from the comfort of your living room with Project Food Pak.

If you feel moved to give toward providing help and hope to suffering children through the local church, you can do so here.

Looking for more ways your kids can get involved? Check out 5 Ways Kids Can Make an Impact.


Did you learn something new? Were you inspired or motivated by Bruno’s story?
Share that feeling with someone else!

Here are a few ways you can share about what you’ve learned:

  1. Send a friend Bruno’s story or this article about the Karamoja people in Uganda.
  2. Have a conversation! Share on social media! Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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