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The Impact of the Food Pak

What Our Partners Have to Say

Throughout the past 31 years of ministry, we’ve heard countless stories of how Food Paks are opening doors for pastors and volunteers to share the hope of the gospel with families in need.

On a recent trip to Thailand, Founder and President Dave Phillips heard from several pastors who shared story after story of how the Food Pak program revolutionized the way they did ministry. One pastor shared about his mission to build a church in a district where there had never been a Christian church before. They met tremendous opposition from the community. The pastor began to deliver Food Paks to this community during COVID. Now, they are finally building a church in that village.

Another pastor shared about how he would be threatened and chased out of the village for sharing the gospel on the street. Now his church is full every week, and they are looking to expand the church’s children’s program.

We wish we could hear from every single pastor and volunteer who delivers Food Paks and share those stories with you, but there simply wouldn’t be enough time in the day to read them all! We hope these quotes from some of our partners will be an encouragement to you.


“People are surprised that the gospel isn’t just words. It’s not like religion is demanding you to do something. Hearts that had shut down began to open because of the tenderness of the ministry.” – Eric Jocol, Guatemala

I’m so grateful when I see a child having a different life once they come in touch with the mercy ministry that CHF is supporting.  And seeing how they learn how to be loved—because sometimes they don’t even know how to be loved, they don’t know what love is because of the environment they grew up in. I just want to see this grow and impact as many people and especially as many children as possible.” – Beni Cruceru, Romania

“To serve the Lord is not only to preach in a church with large numbers of members, but it is also to serve those small churches in the most remote villages, which have no money or resources and cannot give you anything in return but have a big heart of gratitude. Whenever I see the fervor of these small poor churches in the community, I think that they perhaps have a more sincere faith than many.” – Luis Cervantes, Peru


“As a whole family, we serve our church. Mercy ministry is the only resource that we can use. It is a bridge to build relationships with families that live in the neighborhood we want to serve. I have four kids, so I know how much it requires financially to raise kids. Food Pak ministry is bringing so much joy and relief in both sides, including our church people who serve and family members we serve with Food Paks.” – Oyungerel, Mongolia


 “The Food Pak ministry is a blessing to me as much as it is to those who actually receive it. It helps me have boldness to share the Word of God, and it helps me to become a better listener, and also to get closer to the people we minister to.” – Detty, Madagascar


 The Food Pak is a key and an anchor. It’s a key because it opens the door to share the gospel, an anchor because it’s the reason we continue to be in that home. The gospel continues to be shared.” – Ivan Carrillo, Mexico


 “I have a strong passion for the widows and orphans, and I believe the best way to demonstrate our faith in Christ is through meeting the needs of the poor. It is also a vehicle which I use to reach out to the disadvantaged families with the Gospel of Christ. The Food Pak ministry has helped to increase my compassion.” – Admire Vurayai, Zimbabwe

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