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Sowing Seeds of Hope in Madagascar

The wooden structure stands a little over five feet tall and is more like a chicken coop than a house, but this single room is where Hasina and her husband live with their two children. Although the house is small, it is livable and built on land that the family owns.

Hasina’s family lives in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. The area where they live is one of the poorest in the city, but they have worked hard to become independent. Hasina’s husband, Ando, works but does not earn much. Hasina doesn’t have a regular job but sells things when she is able.

Hasina’s daughter, Tsiory, is five and attends the local public school. While Hasina would love to send her one-year-old son to school when he is old enough, she’s not sure she will be able to afford to pay the school fees.

Hasina’s mother-in-law, Miora, has been a part of Tana City 67 Hectares Church for a long time. Pastor Daniel Rakotovoavy came to visit Hasina, on Miora’s suggestion. It was clear from the start that Hasina was open to the gospel and willing to learn more about Jesus. As Pastor Daniel got to know her better, he learned the depth of Hasina’s struggles and knew the church could help.

After receiving Food Paks regularly for a few months, Pastor Daniel could already see a noticeable difference in Hasina’s life. With the church providing Food Paks, Hasina and Ando can buy more things for their home.

Their deep desire is just to have the minimum necessary to live—to have a bed where they can sleep and to prevent water from getting in their house during the rainy season. It is a blessing, through the Food Paks, that things are getting better.

Hasina and Ando are now able to use some of their small income to pay their neighbor for electricity for their small home. Hasina is grateful for the difference the food has made on her family and the health of her children. Now there is room to hope that Ando can find a better job so that Hasina can send her son to school when he is old enough.

Before the Food Pak, my daughter did not have lunch before going to school. Now we have enough food for about four to five days.

Since members of the church began visiting her home, Hasina and the children have been attending church services regularly. For the children, it is a fun time to make friends, play, and learn about the Bible. For Hasina, the church has provided her with a community of older women to provide her with sisterhood and biblical advice. She continues to grow in her understanding of the gospel and has recently made a profession of faith.

It is thanks to the support of our donors that churches like Tana City 67 Hectares has the opportunity to use these Food Paks to share the hope of the gospel with families in need just like Hasina’s.

*Recipients’ names have been changed to protect their privacy.


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