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Meet the Staff: Savannah Nix

Senior Executive Assistant, Office of the President

I really love what I get to do each day. And because I’m working for something so much bigger than myself, it makes even the mundane tasks feel meaningful because I recognize that they are ultimately impacting the life of a child; that is the connectivity that exists between what I’m doing and what God is doing.

The first time Savannah heard about Children’s Hunger Fund, it was through an online job posting. Her husband had just gotten a job at Real Life Church, resulting in a move that relocated them from Oregon to Southern California, and Savannah was looking for work.

After college, Savannah had worked at both Christian and non-Christian organizations and came to the conclusion that she absolutely had to work for an organization where she could really get behind their mission. When she saw the job listing, she went online to learn more about CHF. “It was there that I realized ‘I have to work here, whatever it takes,’” she shared.

Savannah joined the CHF staff in spring of 2018 as receptionist for the Los Angeles office. “It became clear to me that through administrative support, that’s where I could contribute to the organization,” Savannah said.

Her role as receptionist lasted just over half a year before she transitioned into a role as an executive assistant for the director of operations. In November 2019, Savannah stepped in to serve an administrative role for CHF Founder and President Dave Phillips.

As Senior Executive Assistant to the Office of the President, each day is a little bit different for Savannah. “It can look like scheduling a meeting, taking notes, supporting a guest, serving a caller, or working on a special project for Dave or the organization,” she shared. “And through each of those tasks, I have the opportunity to serve the Lord.”

From donors to board members to domestic and international partners, Savannah has been blessed with opportunities to interact with and serve people at all levels of engagement with the CHF ministry.

It’s a blessing to see the faith that is demonstrated here with the staff, but also with all those that we partner with. Their faith is often so much greater than mine. It’s humbling to be a part of a team that has such great faith.

There are no small roles at Children’s Hunger Fund, and God has clearly placed Savannah here for a reason.

“I can brag on Savannah all day long,” shared Dave Phillips. “When I think of her and what she does for me, the best way to express it is that she makes me better. She makes me more efficient. She helps me manage my time in ways that are a total gift.”

Earlier this year, Savannah had the opportunity to travel to Thailand with a small group of CHF staff and supporters. The trip included time spent with CHF’s partners at ZOE International, a visit to a child rescue center, and time with several of the pastors who make up the Children’s Hunger Fund Mercy Network in Thailand.

Savannah was also blessed to be able to accompany CHF’s church partners on a few of their home visits, meeting the families being served and hearing their stories.

It was awesome to finally be able to see what a home visit looked like and how pastors truly care for the needs of the people that they are ministering to. It was beautiful to witness the level of care, concern, and compassion that they demonstrate with each visit.


Savannah was blessed to witness how the local churches were being supported through the ministry of CHF. “My husband works at a church,” she shared, “and to see churches lifted up and empowered in their ministry, that is impactful to know that churches are equipped to do the ministry work that God has called them to.”

While international travel is not a regular part of Savannah’s day-to-day work schedule, it has really expanded her faith to know that there are pastors and church members around the world excited about doing the Lord’s work and partnering with the ministry Children’s Hunger Fund.

Being a part of an organization that’s extending that kind of loving care to the pastors in Thailand, and all around the world, that’s such an encouragement to me. And one of the reasons why I love that distinctive of elevating the church is because it’s so much so much bigger than myself.



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