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Meet the Staff: Hal Williams

As a young man, Hal Williams would not have seen himself working for a Christian non-profit.

As a teenager, he watched his older brother become a Christian and leave behind a life of drugs and alcohol to pursue the Lord. Eventually, Hal’s younger brother, mother, and father all came to salvation as well.

However, Hal continued to resist. Yet, for five years his older brother faithfully prayed for him.

“He kept trying to tell me about the Lord. I kept telling him ‘I’m not interested. I’m glad it works for you,’” said Hal. “Then he would tell me ‘My whole [dorm] floor is praying for you.’ I said, ‘That’s nice, but I’m going to go out with my buddies tonight, see you later.’”

Even though his heart was hard, Hal’s family and friends kept praying for him and, after five years, something changed.

“The Lord took me through a process of tearing everything out of my life, to the point where he brought me to salvation,” Hal explained.

After giving his life to Christ, the Lord took Hal to serve in many places, including church planting in Mexico, attending Bible college in California, doing youth ministry in Hawaii, and living in a ski town in Colorado.

“Then, the Lord brought me back to California. For what reason? At the time, I had no idea because I had no family left in California,“ said Hal. “But, shortly after coming back to California, I met my wife. So, there was a reason behind everything. “

Hal noted that throughout his life, it was clear that the Lord was working, but often that meant circumstances weren’t always easy.

It was one of those times that brought Hal to Children’s Hunger Fund.

After three years of unemployment, Hal got a call from a former Bible study friend from over a decade ago, telling him about an open position in the Relationship Development department at CHF.

After a long process of interviews and prayer, Hal joined the Children’s Hunger Fund team in 2017 as Relationship Development Coordinator for the Los Angeles team.

“It has been a tremendous spiritual growing time; tearing down strongholds within me and perceptions of who I thought God was,” said Hal. “And realizing that the only thing that makes me at all important is just the fact that I am a child of a living God, and that was not my doing.”

In his role, Hal is responsible for making connections with local pastors and church volunteers and introducing them to the work of Children’s Hunger Fund. Together with the Relationship Development teams, Hal helps connect churches with CHF programs that will encourage their church body and deliver hope to suffering children.

“It’s having conversations, developing relationships on a professional level… and trying to achieve something which moves our mission forward,” explained Hal.

In fact, for Hal, working at CHF is all about the mission.

“Everyone in a Relationship Development role needs to understand and live the mission that we deliver hope to suffering children by equipping local churches for gospel centered mercy ministry. That’s vitally important. Once we lose any sight of that, then it becomes just an acquisition, a transactional relationship. And that’s not who Children’s Hunger Fund is,” he said.

That mission has driven Hal in his five years at Children’s Hunger Fund. As he’s served in Relationship Development in Los Angeles—and ­now serving in the same role in Dallas—he has been committed to equipping the local church for mercy ministry as he meets with pastors and church volunteers.

“My day always starts with Psalms and prayer. And my prayer is always ‘Lord God, bring to me the relationships that You want involved with Children’s Hunger Fund. I’m going to reach out to everybody. I’m asking You to bring those that You want us to work with.’”

We are so thankful for Hal and his faithful service to Children’s Hunger Fund. If you are interested in working with our team, you can check out our open positions here!

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