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Everyone Has a Role

Children around the world are hungry and living in poverty. We deliver help and the hope of the gospel to a suffering world.

You can make a difference.


Every gift helps! Generous donors help deliver life-saving food and the hope of the gospel.


Volunteers of all ages make a difference, packing food to be distributed in the US and around the world.

Deliver Hope

Food Paks are distributed to pastors and volunteers around the world, who hand-deliver help and hope to the suffering in their communities.

With Your Help

We’ve distributed life saving food and aid to over 300 million children around the world.
And, we’re just getting started!
Here’s how you can get involved:

Let's Do This Together

Volunteers are the beginning of something wonderful, packing Food Paks that will feed hungry children around the world. Join our Volunteer Force today.

CHF Preserved in Saddleridge Fire!

God uniquely designed the church to serve the poor. Our network of churches is answering that call. Will you join them?

Businesses and corporations of every size can make a difference. Find out how!

Project Food Pak

You can pack food for hungry children from anywhere in the country!

Project Food Pak is great for individuals, families, churches, businesses, and other groups.

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