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Virtual Coin Pak

See how a Coin Pak can turn into a Food Pak in the video below.

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While you’re staying safe at home, your family can participate in Virtual Coin Pak which can help kids in need.

Whether due to a loss of income or the loss of school meal programs, millions of children across the country and around the world are facing hunger right now.

Here’s How It Works

A five-week video series is available for your children to watch.

Each video will introduce a child living in poverty and offer a way for your child to help.

Kids can earn coins for completing chores or other activities around the house. 25 cents can send one meal! You choose what is appropriate for your family.

Printable Coin Paks and other resources available at the links above.

Kids can fill their Coin Paks with real coins or printable coin tokens.

When you’ve filled your Coin Pak, tally the coins and make your donation.

To recognize your kids’ hard work, use the fillable certificate that you can print with your child’s name and how many meals they provided to children in need.

Post on social media and tag @ChildrensHungerFund #VirtualCoinPak with your pics!


Virtual Coin Pak Week 1

Virtual Coin Pak Week 2

Virtual Coin Pak Week 3

Virtual Coin Pak Week 4

Virtual Coin Pak Week 5

Another Opportunity for Families

Have you heard about Poverty Encounter?
It’s an interactive exhibit housed at the Children’s Hunger Fund headquarters in Sylmar, CA.

Poverty Encounter Online Series

Now you and your kids can experience Poverty Encounter at home!
It’s a video series that brings the exhibit to you.

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