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Tribute Donations

Children’s Hunger Fund often receives support given in honor or in memory of loved ones.

We gratefully acknowledge these gifts, which help feed hungry children and allow the gospel to be shared with their families.

In Honor Of

Adrian Mask
Ali Swanson
Allison McElroy
Arabella Dennis
Aubrey Hadduck
Barbara Ruess
Bernie Pipan
Beth Hendrix
Brenda McElroy
Carla Thomas
Carol Whitham
Casey Pipan
Cathy Sears
Colette Curry
Consuelo Osorio
Dawn David
Debbie Bolognese
Denise Owen
Edna Santos
Gail Baltierra
Gus Cardenas
Halit Mefail Shehu
Hernandez Family
Hunter Farmer
Ivy Mitchel
Jackie Nix
Jacob Meir Ben Sarah
Jason DeLong
Jennifer Britt
John Laity
Joyce Caraway
Justina Badila
Kate Rogers
Kathy Sanchez
Kathy Van Commenee
Kaylee Kirby
Kim Ellison
Kim Wojahn
Kira O’Connor
Laura Gomillion
Leo Griscom
Linda Brown
Lydia Peralta
Mahadeo Ramdhanie
MaKenzie Fly
Marcia Green
Marjorie Jaffe
Mark Libby
Mia Westman
Michael Richards
Mike David
Oneida Eng
Pam McMillan
Pam Sloan
Peggy Raley
Rachel Nickerson
Rogelio Contreras
Rolf Klenk
Rosie Yokomizo
Sandra Grant
Sandra Mendoza
Sandy Pannetti
Sarah Mandl
Suvannee Saichua
Teri Hughes
Ulla Lehmann-Buss
Valerie Rickards
Wendee Burley
Wendy Barfuss
Willow Mitchel

In Memory Of

Albert Mote
Alouise Brain
Anthony Downs
Berjouhi Ketenjian
Brian Thompson
Caleb Abbed
Dorothy “Mimi” Lewis
Ernie Friesen
Eunice Mote
Frank Buck
George Riedl
George Santos
George Webb
Jan Mankivsky
John Herbert Tompkins
Katherine Downs
Kay Leonetti
Lisa Palacol
Louise Jones
McKinley Molina
Pat Behring
Rick Clayton
Ruth Ketenjian
Solveig Hammar
Thelma Fossum
Tom Leonetti
William Briggs

You can give in honor or in memory of someone you love!

Click the button below and selecting “Dedicate this Donation” when submitting your gift.

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