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Frequently Asked Questions

The Impact of Project Food Pak

Q: Why are Food Paks needed?

A: Millions of children in America face food insecurity. A Food Pak provides nutritious food to children and their families. Each Food Pak is delivered by pastors and church volunteers to the home of a family in need. This opens the door to relationships and opportunities to share the gospel message.

Q: Where do the filled Food Paks go after they’re returned to CHF?

A: Food Paks are distributed from a CHF Regional Distribution Center to trained churches within the region. Trained pastors and volunteers then hand-deliver Food Paks directly to the homes of children and families in need in their community.

Q: How many Food Pak boxes are provided to a family?

A: The number of Food Pak boxes provided depends on the number of children in a household. Our desire is that every child in the home will receive a Food Pak when a local church visits them.

Q: How many meals does each Food Pak provide?

A: For some children, the Food Pak is their only food source outside of school meal programs. For others, the Food Pak is supplemental to food resources that the family may already have. The number of meals varies per Food Pak and per family, based on preparation.

Participation in Project Food Pak

Q: What is the reason CHF is offering this new opportunity to order Food Paks online?

A: This online opportunity makes the Project Food Pak program easily available to individuals, families, churches, groups and corporations across America. Your participation will make it possible to provide more Food Paks to local churches, to reach more suffering children.

Q: Can anyone in the US participate?

A: Food Paks can be shipped to any address in the US, except Alaska and Hawaii.

Q: Why does the Food Pak box look different than before?

A: The Food Pak has been redesigned to make it more efficient to ship, allowing us to expand the opportunity for individuals and groups to fill Food Paks. When pastors deliver the boxes to families, the size and weight make it possible to provide each child in the home with their own box.

Q: Why is there a minimum order of 4 Food Paks (1 Case Pak)?

A: To maintain cost effectiveness, Food Paks must be shipped in multiples (4 Food Paks per Case Pak).  You do not have to pack 4 boxes by yourself. We encourage you to invite friends, neighbors and co-workers to share in the experience of providing nourishing food to suffering children and families. People love an opportunity to help others.

Q: How do I know what food to put in the box?

A: Each Food Pak comes with a Shopping List, indicating items, sizes, and quantities. Please include all of the items on the list. When possible, purchase canned items with easy-open lids, and please do not use glass jars. Breakfast/cereal bars, fruit/applesauce squeeze pouches, peanut butter to go cups, fruit gummies, and raisins are sold in multi-packs and can be spread across multiple Food Pak boxes.

Q: Can I place an order for a large quantity of Food Paks?

A: To order large quantities, please send a message to Customer Service at the bottom of this page.

About Costs

Q: What does a Food Pak order cost my group?

A: There is no cost for the Case Pak containing 4 empty Food Paks. You will be charged the cost for shipping the Case Pak(s) to you. When you receive your order, a pre-paid return shipping label will be enclosed.

Q: How much does it cost to purchase the food that goes into a Food Pak?

A: The average cost of the food is about $10 – $15 per box, depending on where you shop. 

Q: What will my $8/box donation help with?

A: We suggest providing an $8 donation for each Food Pak you fill. This allows Children’s Hunger Fund to cover the costs of warehousing and transporting the Food Paks as well as training and equipping local churches for home delivery.

About Returning the Filled Food Paks

Q: What if my Case Pak gets damaged?

A: If your Case Pak gets damaged before you are able to ship the Food Paks back to CHF, simply purchase a box with dimensions 20x12x10. Boxes can be purchased from retailers such as Staples, Home Depot, Lowes, and Uline.

Q: What if I have fewer than 4 Food Paks to send back? Or partial Case Paks to return?

A: If you are returning fewer than 4 filled Food Paks in your Case Pak, please fill the empty space with the boxes you didn’t fill. If they’re not available, fill the space tightly with paper or bubble wrap.

Q: If I/we can’t fill all the Food Paks ordered, can we receive a refund for unfilled boxes?

A: We’re sorry, but no refunds will be made after your order has been shipped.

Q: Am I able to return Food Paks to a CHF Distribution Center?

A: Yes! The UPS Return label is provided for your convenience, but you are more than welcome to return your Food Paks in person as well.

Q: I do not have a UPS return label in my Case Pak. What do I do?

A: Return labels are only provided in Case Paks that were ordered via the online program. If your Case Pak was shipped to you without a return label, please reach out to customer service with your Order Number to receive another.  

More Questions

Q: How do I access more information?

A: Please contact us through Customer Service, below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Customer Service

If you have questions or would like information about a large group project, please contact us.

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