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Dr. Myron Wentz is an internationally recognized microbiologist, immunologist, humanitarian, and long-standing partner of Children’s Hunger Fund. Dr. Wentz is the founder of USANA Health Sciences and the inspiration for the USANA Foundation, which seeks to help those suffering from hunger and malnutrition around the world.

Because of his compassion for orphans and children living in poverty, Dr. Wentz partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund in 2001. Dr. Wentz and CHF Founder Dave Phillips traveled together to Uganda in 2003 and began the process of establishing a medical center.

In honor of Dr. Wentz’s continued support and philanthropic efforts to provide for the needs of suffering children around the globe, CHF presented Dr. Wentz with the Children’s Champion Award in 2006 and the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.


Dr. Wentz’s deep passion for health and wellness has led to the establishment of several medical centers and clinics in his name. These medical centers provide comprehensive medical care, health education, birth centers, and dental services for orphans and families in the local communities.

Dr. Wentz has also been instrumental in the creation of Mercy Centers in several countries. Mercy Centers are multi-use facilities that allow CHF Mercy Network partners in-country to best meet the needs of the people in their community. Along with storage for food and medical supplies, Mercy Centers are used for worship, tutoring, vocational training, and other outreach opportunities.

Uganda: Wentz Medical Center in Gaba, 2005
Cambodia: Wentz Medical Center in Phnom Penh, 2008
Rwanda: Prenatal & Child Development Center in Kigali, 2018
Romania: Wentz Mercy Center and Medical Clinic in Slatina, 2019
Albania: Wentz Mercy Center and Medical Clinic in Pogradec, 2019
Dominican Republic: Wentz Mercy Center and Medical Clinic in Villa Altagracia, 2019
Haiti: Wentz Mercy Center in Port Au Prince, 2020
Myanmar: Wentz Mercy Center in Yangon, 2021
Nepal: Wentz Medical Center and Mercy Center in Kathmandu Valley, under construction
Philippines: Wentz Mercy Center in Bacolod City, 2021
Uganda: Wentz Mercy Center in Southwest Kawempe, 2022
Uganda: Wentz Mercy Center in Northeast Kawempe, 2022
Peru: Wentz Medical Center and Mercy Center in Abancay, 2022
Zambia: Wentz Mercy Center in Kabanana, 2022
Philippines: Wentz Mercy Center in Cebu, under construction
Albania: Wentz Medical Center and Medical Clinic in Korce, under construction
South Africa: Wentz Mercy Center in Polokwane, under construction
Zimbabwe: Mercy Center in Nyanyira Village, under construction
Kenya: Mercy Center in Nakuru, approved
Thailand: Mercy Center in Chiang Mai, approved

Additional independently-run Wentz Medical Centers sponsored by USANA Associates have been established in Malawi and Zimbabwe.


In 2013, Dr. Wentz partnered with CHF to fund the Cargo of Hope initiative to
ship over 11 million meals to poor children and families around the world.

This funding also provided for expansion of CHF’s ministry in Mexico, Honduras,
El Salvador, the Philippines, and Thailand. Food Paks were sent to aid disaster
victims in Japan. This funding provided for 60 truckloads of nutrient-rich food, including beans, oatmeal, protein bars, nutritional supplements, vitamin-fortified meal packets, protein drinks, dried fruit, and other bulk food.

The Wentz Volunteer Center

In 2018, Dr. Wentz provided the resources to construct a volunteer center at CHF’s Los Angeles Distribution Center. Each week,
this sanitary facility is visited by volunteers who are able to pack food that will be distributed to families in need around the world.


The Dr. Myron Wentz Legacy Initiative was established in August of 2020 to support the Children’s Hunger Fund 2030 Growth Initiative. A multi-million dollar Legacy Gift will extend over a period of nine years, enabling significant expansion of CHF’s ministry programs.

  • Establish and support 25 new Mercy Networks of trained churches, serving the poorest slums in developing countries. In addition to home delivery of food, these trained networks will also provide self-sustaining programs, educational and medical support, orphan care, emergency feeding programs, and other wellness programs.
  • Establish a minimum of 35 new Mercy Centers to enhance orphan care, medical care, education, food storage, personal hygiene, clean water access, and expand the Mercy Network’s capacity to serve more families and address malnutrition issues in poor communities.
  • Establish a minimum of 5 Medical Centers that will serve impoverished areas, providing sustained medical services by indigenous medical professionals.
  • Provide funding towards the purchase of a 100,000 square foot Global Distribution Center in Dallas, Texas.
  • Establish 200 new distribution points in geographic areas, serving large populations of impoverished children and families.
  • Enhance CHF’s Global Operations capacity through technology and equipment improvements.
  • Funding to assist in creating virtual training content to accomplish domestic and international growth.
  • Funding for strategic initiatives to support and grow CHF’s ministry capacity.

Thank you to Dr. Myron Wentz for his generosity and his heart to serve suffering children!

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