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How Are Meals Sent?

With the help of our incredible force of over 10,000 volunteers, we are able to stretch budget further and send full meals for only $0.25 each. These meals come in the form of Food Paks, a small yet powerful box that will show up directly at the front doors of the homes of children in need. Check out the short video below that shows more.

Make an Impact in Your Community

Will You Send 200 Meals to Children in Need?

A gift of $50 will provide 200 meals for hungry children and give them hope for a better tomorrow. Over 300 million children have been helped already, and with your help we will keep this momentum going forward.

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Give with Confidence

Children’s Hunger Fund receives the highest scores from several independent charity reviewers for program efficiency and financial integrity. Since 1991, 96% of all revenue has supported programs that serve suffering children and families.

Children’s Hunger Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) charity and all donations are tax-deductible. Financial donations made toward a particular crisis will be used for the relief efforts of the crisis until the need is filled. Once the need has been met, donated funds will be used in other disaster relief efforts.

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