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In the wake of disasters around the world, Children’s Hunger Fund is delivering hope to victims as we are equipped to do so. Help us provide food and aid for families facing devastation around the world, and read the latest on how we are responding to disasters in the US and elsewhere.

Make a tax-deductible donation to Children’s Hunger Fund to help the victims of these disasters rebuild their lives

As we are informed by our partners on the ground, Children’s Hunger Fund is responding to recent natural disasters.

We are poised to respond with food, assistance, and hope in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Texas..

Financial donations made toward a particular crisis will be used for the relief efforts of the crisis until the need is filled. Once the need has been met, donated funds will be used at CHF’s discretion toward other relief efforts.

Since August 26, when Hurricane Harvey first made landfall in Rockport, TX, multiple natural disasters hit the US and Latin America within a few short weeks, each leaving a wake of damage, destruction, and loss of life. We all watched as our neighbors fought to protect their homes and their lives. Join Children’s Hunger Fund in prayer that the church and the gospel of Christ would be elevated in our response to each of these disasters.

Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico
In light of the devastation brought on by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Children’s Hunger Fund was able to send immediate financial aid to assist in relief efforts. These funds have been used to purchase food and other relief items, and are being distributed through a trusted group of 12 churches within the country.

We are currently accepting general donations for disaster relief, while we continue to determine what kind of assistance CHF will be able to provide for Puerto Rico in the future.

Mexico City Earthquake
A 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked Mexico City on Tuesday, September 19th, leaving much of the city in a state of rubble, and ending over 200 lives.

The border that is usually closed for shipments was briefly opened, allowing CHF to send its first-ever container of food to Mexico City. 1,900 Food Paks arrived on October 19, to be distributed by CHF’s Mercy Network partners in the city. In addition to CHF resources, our driver was able to pick up additional items of toilet paper, shampoo, and soap in Baja California.

This tragedy has presented a clear opportunity for the gospel to be shared, and many conversations that otherwise would not have happened have taken place between pastors and hurting members of the community.

Hurricane Harvey
The majority of our relief resources are being directed to serve those whose lives have been impacted by the widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. CHF is working through multiple church partners to develop both short and long-term strategies to not only meet the existing and immediate physical needs of impacted communities in Houston and the Coastal Bend area, but also to develop relationships for ongoing care and sharing the hope of the gospel.

Individual and corporate donations are allowing CHF to deliver food supplies and other essential items to people devastated by this disaster. We are receiving the following donations:

  • Financial gifts to cover the cost of moving truckloads of product from across the country
  • Donations of ready-to-eat foods, such as protein bars, granola bars, trail mix, energy bars, formula and baby food
  • Donations of (new/unopened) hygiene items
  • Donations of new bedding (pillows and blankets), C & D batteries for flashlights, and can openers
  • Donations of (new/unopened) baby wipes, powder, and lotions.

To donate items, please contact your closest CHF regional office to confirm the current needs.

San Antonio






Los Angeles/Headquarters


Hurricane Irma: Cuba
Irma tore through the country of Cuba, leaving a wide path of destruction. Through an established partnership there, CHF was able to send a full container of bulk food to this devastated country, to be distributed by nearly 150 Cuban churches.

Hurricane Harvey: Partners in Corpus Christi and Rockport sent the following photos as of the immediate damage brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

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Pray With Us

Pray for the individuals and families affected by these disasters. Pray that CHF’s partner churches would have the resources and strength they need to reach out with physical resources, as well as the eternal hope of the gospel.
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