Will you Think Inside the Box?

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What is think inside the box?


Think Inside the Box involves thinking about those who suffer each day because of hunger from poverty, disease, war, and disasters.

We invite you to think about them, pray for them, and determine to be a part of the solution for them. But it all starts with a change of mind to think about them.


Food goes into this box, of course. But that’s not all. Inside this box is also hope. There’s hope because there will be food to eat today.

There’s hope because the box is hand delivered by someone in the community and they will be able to help in other ways. There’s hope because this box means that God is showing his love and care.

The Box

Our Food Pak is a 20-pound box filled with about 48 nutritious meals – beans, rice, dried fruit, canned vegetables and more.

Every 25 cents you donate gives one meal to a child in need; that’s four meals for every dollar you give! With only $12, you can fill up this box for a family.

How do meals save lives?

Tinotenda is 7 years old and lives with his mother and four siblings in Zimbabwe in southeastern Africa. His story shows what a meal can mean to an impoverished family. Tinotenda and his family struggled but when his father died not long ago, the struggle turned to desperation. His mother tried to find work in a country which has one of the worst economies in the world. Tinotenda longed to provide for the family, but at only 7 years old, there was not much he could do. However, help came from around the corner. A man in their community who pastors a small church heard about their situation. Volunteers from his church reached out and brought Children’s Hunger Fund Food Pak boxes to Tinotenda. That relationship led to a support system for the family, enabling them to thrive. And what’s more, Tinotenda and his family now volunteer to deliver Food Pak boxes to other children in need. This all happened because somebody decided to Think Inside the Box and give 48 meals to fill that Food Pak box. That’s the difference a meal can make.

When five-year-old orphan Barbin was found in the isolated mountains of the island of Luzon in the Philippines, he was alone, malnourished, and afraid. Belonging the indigenous tribe known as the “Aeta” people, not much is known of Barbin’s past. The Aeta’s are tribal people believed to be aborigines of the Philippines and some of the first inhabitants of the island. They are hunters and gatherers, moving from place to place in the mountainous regions of Luzon. Aeta children are often very poor, suffering from hunger and disease without food, shelter or medical care. In fact, only 1/3 of Aeta children survive to the age of fifteen on average. This was the life of Barbin and the future in front of him before a local church working with Children’s Hunger Fund, reached out to him by offering consistent meals. The meals provided by the local ministry gave Barbin more than the nutrition he so desperately needed—the meals gave him hope. Barbin is now being cared for in a loving home for other orphaned children like him. He enjoys regular nutritious meals, clean clothing, a warm bed, and an education in the home’s Christian school. His physical health has greatly improved and he has real hope for his future.

Young, sweet, and courageous Beth has seen far too much struggle in her short years of life. Health issues led Beth to needing a kidney transplant. She and her 7 siblings live with their mother in a small one-bedroom apartment in Little Village, an unnoticed and impoverished area of Chicago. With 9 mouths to feed and expensive medical bills flooding in, Beth’s dad did what too many fathers do—he left. Beth and her family were now all alone. With Beth in the hospital needing her attention, Beth’s mother was unable to hold a steady job. Living in a low-income community and seeing no way to cope with the expenses of sustenance, nourishment, and medical care by herself, Beth’s mother felt as though there was no hope for them. That is, until a local church that works with Children’s Hunger Fund learned about their situation and began to care for them. Local volunteers hand-delivered meals and provided much needed moral support and encouragement to Beth, her mother, and her siblings. Beth now has had the opportunity to heal and continue growing into a strong young woman in both health and character. And that success started with a few meals in a box.

Who is Children's Hunger Fund?

Deliver Hope
Since 1991, Children’s Hunger Fund has been providing food and other aid to children in need in the US and around the world. To date, over $1 billion in needed resources has been sent to hungry and hurting children. To date, 94% of donations goes directly to programs like the Food Pak box to help troubled families. Using a unique model of distribution, the food is hand delivered into the homes of the needy by trained volunteers who are from the community. CHF has distribution centers in Los Angeles, Chicago and San Antonio.

Will You Think Inside the Box?

Every 25 cents you donate gives 1 meal to a child in need;
that’s 4 meals for every $1 you give!
With only $12, you can fill up the 20 pound Food Pak with about 48 meals for a family.