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Fleeing War & Persecution

Throughout the Middle East, war and terrorism have forced millions to flee into foreign countries in hope of sanctuary and safety. They are families, single moms, store owners, professionals –in short, people like us that have found their normal way of life forever disrupted.

The children’s suffering is perhaps the greatest. They are torn away from friends and extended family, removed from the normalcy of school, and face the uncertainty of their next meal.

A “Neighbor” in Need

Children’s Hunger Fund is partnering with local churches in the Middle East and surrounding areas to bring food, aid and the hope of the gospel to these communities where the refugees have fled.

They have become the often unwelcome neighbors who are in desperate need. Though they live thousands of miles from us, we invite you to become a welcoming “neighbor.”

The Displaced

  • 4.6 million from Syria fleeing civil war
  • 1.8 million from Iraq fleeing ISIS
  • 2.9 million from Afghanistan fleeing war and the Taliban

You Can Help

With these struggles come opportunities. Children’s Hunger Fund is partnering with local churches in countries around the world who are bringing food, aid, and other resources for families with nowhere to turn. We invite you to partner with us to supply Food Paks to these families.

Even more, as these local churches reach out with desperately needed supplies, they can establish relationships with those who have been forced to flee and abandon the lives they knew. Through those relationships, they can share with them the true hope only found in the gospel.

Children’s Hunger Fund is a registered 501©3 charity and all donations are tax-deductible.

Make a tax-deductible donation to Children’s Hunger Fund to help displaced people in their time of need.


Learn about how you can help deliver hope to Syria by downloading our free resources:
10 Ways to Pray for Syrian Refugees


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