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The Situation

Updated 10/7/16 1:13 PM PST

While the force of Hurricane Matthew has come and gone, the chaos and destruction left in its path is far-reaching and extreme. When major disasters like this take place, the devastation outlives the news cycle.

The damage caused by Hurricane Matthew is seen and felt both on a broad scale, and in the individual lives of millions.

Haiti faces the process of rebuilding. North Carolina and parts of the Northeast Florida Coast continue to battle deadly flooding caused by the storm surge and rain, and thousands are without electricity. Homes, belongings, and most of all, the lives of loved ones have been lost.

While the needs of those affected are overwhelming, the most basic resources like clean water, food, and shelter are the most critical.

Our Response

Children’s Hunger Fund is in contact with our partners in Haiti to better understand the needs of the people in the wake of this disaster. Many of the people, pastors, and children that CHF supports through the local church in Haiti have sustained major losses in property damage. One of the orphanages CHF supports has sustained damage to its perimeter fencing, which leaves it vulnerable to theft and loss of livestock.

In these times, resources like clean water, shelter, and prepared food sources are valuable. With your help, we hope to provide our partners with the ability to offer these necessities to the victims of the hurricane.

Our team is actively monitoring the situation in Florida and the other states at risk and we hope to determine an appropriate response once the storm has passed.

Donations Needed

Children’s Hunger Fund is currently accepting financial donations designated specifically for “Hurricane Matthew Relief.”

100% of designated financial donations will go toward this particular crisis.

Children’s Hunger Fund is a registered 501©3 charity and all donations are tax-deductible.
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Pray With Us

Pray for the thousands that have been left devastated by the storm. Hurricane Matthew is slower in its movement than most storms this size. This means that residents in at-risk areas had time to prepare and evacuate. However, it also means that the storm had plenty of time to lay waste on the islands.

Pray also for the thousands of residents in the states of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas as they prepare for Hurricane Matthew to arrive. Matthew will begin hammering parts of Florida as early as Thursday morning.
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