2022 President’s Reception Dallas Opportunity - Children's Hunger Fund




We are thankful for you!

The ministry of Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) depends on faithful partners and friends like you. Your support allows CHF to equip local pastors around the world with the training and resources to reach families in need with food and the gospel message of hope. 

Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) delivers hope to suffering children by equipping local churches for gospel-centered mercy ministry. We distribute aid through three distributions centers in the US—Dallas, San Antonio, and our headquarters in Los Angeles—and through over a thousand local churches in 30 countries around the world.  

Because of friends like you, CHF has been able to practice gospel-centered mercy ministry for more than thirty years. Since 1991, 96% of total contributions—over 1 billion dollars in food and other aid—have been distributed through programs serving more than 20 million children across America and around the world. 

Giving Opportunities

We know that God’s plans are so much bigger than our own, and we invite you to be a part of God’s plan for the ministry of Children’s Hunger Fund.

Where Most Needed

Children’s Hunger Fund is in regular communication with our church partners around the world and are familiar with the needs in those areas. When you give a “Where Most Needed” gift, your contribution goes to the area of greatest need. Whether it is sustainability projects in Thailand, disaster relief in Madagascar, Bible for people in Peru, or Food Paks for hungry children in Romania, your gift will bring hope to the children and families in the greatest need.  

Food Pak Program

A Food Pak is a box of nutritious food that can feed a family experiencing food insecurity. These Food Paks are delivered directly to the homes of children and families in need by trained pastors and church volunteers.  

Our reach—both domestic and international—is expanding. As our church partners around the world continue to minister to a growing number of children and families in need, we seek to provide them with the resources to meet those needs and establish relationships within their communities. 

Mercy Network Church Sponsorship

Children’s Hunger Fund has trained and equipped nearly 2,000 churches around the world to view food distribution as a ministry opportunity to share the gospel with children and families in need. Once these churches are trained, CHF resources them with food, clothing, hygiene items, nutritional supplements, toys, and other humanitarian aid. This system is designed to not only meet the families’ physical needs but also create relational tools to address the issue of spiritual poverty that can only be met through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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