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Help Children’s Hunger Fund provide food and aid for families suffering from disastrous flooding in northern Peru.

Updated 04/5/17 4:45 PM PST

Updates continue to come in about the consequences of the flooding, and in addition to facing the destruction of homes and infrastructure, Peruvians are now fighting the spread of diseases the storms have caused. Yet, the church of Peru is responding. Leoncio Choquehuanca, one of CHF’s contacts in the area, wrote saying, “It is important to note that the work of the church is impactful. Many have set up feeding centers and hundreds of people flock to the church building to have a warm meal. Thanks to your support we were able to purchase stoves, kitchen utensils and gas tanks to prepare food for the affected.”

The Situation

Since January of this year, the northern regions of Peru have withstood catastrophic storms, resulting in the worst flooding the area has seen in decades.

Over 94 individuals have been reported dead and 700,000 have been left without homes. Overflowing rivers and mudslides destroyed bridges, farms, and roads. Families and children found themselves stuck or stranded on rooftops due to the floods. Many have lost everything they own.

In the midst of the chaos, families are hurting, and are in desperate need of food, shelter, and hope.

Our Response

Children’s Hunger Fund is in touch with partners in the northern cities of Piura and Lambayeque, and the damage is substantial and the need is urgent. The floods have led to water and food shortages, in addition to collapsed drainage systems and structures.

Help Children’s Hunger Fund help the people of these regions with much-needed food and aid. We aim to provide:

* Food to distribute to affected families

* Tools and materials to build temporary shelters

* Mosquito nets

Donations Needed

Children’s Hunger Fund is currently accepting financial donations designated specifically for “Peru Flood Relief.”

100% of designated financial donations will go toward this particular crisis.

Children’s Hunger Fund is a registered 501©3 charity and all donations are tax-deductible.
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Pray With Us

Pray Pray for the thousands of individuals and families affected by the flooding in Peru, and for the lives that have been lost. Even when the flooding subsides, many will find themselves without a home or possessions. Pray that the churches of Peru are provided with the resources and strength they need to reach out with physical resources, as well as the eternal hope of the gospel.
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